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Particle Wholesale for Businesses

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Wholesale Advantages

  • Buy Photons, Electrons, and more with access to Particle’s Tools and Cloud
  • Take advantage of volume pricing and low minimum order quantities (>50 units)
  • Order bulk packaged products such as trays and reels
  • Use your own shipping options
  • Get tax exemptions on your orders (certificate must be provided)

Photon without Headers

A Wi-Fi board for prototyping and scaling your IoT product. Reprogrammable, connected to the cloud and available in bulk.

Using Particle, we have built multiple successful products and managed them in the field, employing just one firmware engineer.

- Michael Siegel, Grove

Particle Platform

  • A fully managed hosted cloud infrastructure with guaranteed service levels
  • Encryption and security applied to all communications to and from your devices
  • Easy-to-use management tools that give you full visibility into your fleet of devices
  • Over the air updates to allow you to react quickly to the market
  • Low-cost cellular and Wi-Fi hardware pre-provisioned to the platform

Device Management Dashboard

A full console for managaging thousands of devices, team management and OTA updates.

Join the most widely used Internet of Things platform.

We have more than 120,000 companies, developers, and engineers deploying products on our platform in over 170 countries.

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